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I'm an ordinary girl, just like other typical girls. I take life as it is, good or bad, easy or hard and i enjoy the finest things in life. After all,it would be a real waste not to. Life's short, enjoy and live it the way u want it.

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I feel contented and blessed. God gave me a wonderful and lovely family.I also feel loved bcoz He gave me lotsa great friends that care and are always there for me no matter what the weather outside may be and am also grateful for each and every person that He wants me to meet.Most of all, i'm thankful for the blessings that He has showered and the beautiful, finest things that I appreaciate and enjoy in life.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Looking back... to when i was still in Kuching
the last few days before i left....

Heaps and heaps of picture to waste your time…

Thank you guys for everything, for being a great friend, for the wonderful gifts i got and for the airport send off. I really appreciate every single effort u guys put in and also for making my last few days in Kuching a sweet yet memorable one. U guys are a darling, one in a million...esp to Gracey and Sasa..thank u sweethearts !! Miss u gals lotz!!!! It just aint the same w/o u two..*muaks*

Hugs & Kisses



I've been in melbourne for exactly 10 days now. Indeed, Melbourne is a great and beautiful place. The people are friendly and helpful. The weather in Melbourne is so unpredicatable where it can be damn hot during the day and super cold during the nite. And during summer, where the sun is up bright and shinning, the wind on the other hand, is cold and blowing hard. Oh yes..so that is why my friends and cousins advised me to check the weather forecast everyday before i leave house.But, the weather in other parts of Aus are reported much more stable as compared to Melb's. Anywayz, here's what i've been up to the past one week plus.

Upon my arrival at Melbourne International Airport...

some of our stuff @ the airport

Melbourne International Airport

randomly taking pics while waiting in the airport

The Hilton...just directly opposite Melbourne International airport

some cute statues along the passage way from the airport to Hilton

part of Melbourne International Airport, partly hidden... but, the airport is not very big as well

As we still had one week before uni actually starts, my housemates and I were adapting pretty fast and we even cooked two meals so far...

Our very first chinese homecook meal!!! Vege and oyster sauce, soup ,eggs, chicken (partially hidden), rice and orange juice.

Our second meal!! lagi proud...of cos, we didnt roast the chicken. hahaha... :D it was chap goh meh back home, so we decided to cook a meal to celebrate as well. miss the celebration bk in Kch. Im sure it was great.

Lots of love,


Sunday, February 24, 2008

Here are some pics i took during the eve of CNy and the following days. was lazy to upload it till now..so here goes...

It's jelly molded into fishes...so cool ya??

CNY Eve family dinner

the fireworks @ jln song

more fireworks @ my area....i miss the celebration back home...

preparing to light up the crackers...ahhahha :D

More FooDdddd!!! :D

the peaceful view from my grandaunt's house @ kasuma

during CNY visit

camwhoring...we both have the same passion..LOL


aunt and niece :)

Sisters 4va....i miss u sweetie~

*will keep u all posted soon...**

Lots of hugs n kisses,



hellooooo from melbourne......

Hey all, sorry for the lack of posts...hahah..been busy and all. And, im officially in melbourne now..for a week already. Melbourne is a great place...it's fun and nice jus it's not home...

I misssss homeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee and everyone else back home..... :`( *sniffs*



Thursday, February 14, 2008

How time flies
damn...it's fast
nope..more like soon
before, i couldnt really feel it that much
as i was pre-occupied
but nearer the time
and after hearing friends telling me stuff
i began to feel it more
then it hit me,
i am as heavy-hearted and as emo as they all are
i mean, i know i would be, everyone would
jus didnt think dat it would affect me so bad
more than wad i myself could think would feel

Yes, excitement there is
to look forward to
it would be more difficult to let go and part
with what was once familiar and close to you
i know i will definitely miss it
oh, how am i supposed to face it??



Happy Chinese New Year everyone~
May the Year of the Rat brings joy, luck, happiness, wealth and good health to all.
Wishing my beloved readers the very best this year.

Owh, and..Happy valentine's day too. enjoy the day guys.

Hugs & Kisses,


Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Last Sunday, was my first sushi making encounter. Actually our first. Dad bought ingredients to prepare sushi from Isetan during his last trip. Well, the real technique to master making sushi is the rolling of the sticky rice in the seaweed. That part would determine your "kungfu". LOL. Well, im still not expert at it but im proud to say im learning.. =p. Despite the mess and trial and error, it was fun! ;D

in the process...

the end result :D

Huhuhu..im beginning to love sushi more.... *yummy*

Lots of love,


Sunday, February 03, 2008

Nice song. Very calming.

Awww... but it's so the jiwang....heheheheh :D