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I'm an ordinary girl, just like other typical girls. I take life as it is, good or bad, easy or hard and i enjoy the finest things in life. After all,it would be a real waste not to. Life's short, enjoy and live it the way u want it.

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I feel contented and blessed. God gave me a wonderful and lovely family.I also feel loved bcoz He gave me lotsa great friends that care and are always there for me no matter what the weather outside may be and am also grateful for each and every person that He wants me to meet.Most of all, i'm thankful for the blessings that He has showered and the beautiful, finest things that I appreaciate and enjoy in life.

Monday, July 27, 2009

has the devil change for real or is it just another game ?

" Ahh ... who knew the MotherChucker could also play fairy godmother. But if the MotherChucker just made the Queen's dreams come true, why does it feel like the queen is standing with the wrong king...? "

u. know.u.love.me



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