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I'm an ordinary girl, just like other typical girls. I take life as it is, good or bad, easy or hard and i enjoy the finest things in life. After all,it would be a real waste not to. Life's short, enjoy and live it the way u want it.

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I feel contented and blessed. God gave me a wonderful and lovely family.I also feel loved bcoz He gave me lotsa great friends that care and are always there for me no matter what the weather outside may be and am also grateful for each and every person that He wants me to meet.Most of all, i'm thankful for the blessings that He has showered and the beautiful, finest things that I appreaciate and enjoy in life.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Wakey wakey sleepyheads!!!

Sigh...what a morning to sleep in..which is why im pretty sure most of u are snuggling in your beds still. Unfortunately for me, Im up and typing away.

The sound of the monitors keys, the colleagues greeting the gloomy rainy morning as u make your way to your desk and the thought of the weekend being....TODay!!!!yay!! *can't wait*

happy shud start later a bit tonite for me.


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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Rawr rawr rawr...do u hear the tiger??!!!

Happy CNY to all..may this year bring to us prosperity, good health, wealth, success,happiness and many more!!

How has the past four days of CNY been for all of u who are celebrating?
Mine has been pretty alright...didnt really go visiting with mom n dad lots this year..leaving just the two of them visiting their friends most of the time as I pretty much went out with friends most days.

The first day of CNY this year coincides with valentine's day. Hope it went well, if not, very good for all of u. Some ppl are thankful that it coincides with CNY, some hated it, some were anxiuosly waiting for it, some even forgotten about the day itself all together.Nevertheless, everyday shud be a day to show your affection and appreaciation to your loved ones, not only during that one day every year.

This CNY is rather different, apart from the additional CNY wishes...the ppl around me added their wishes with wishing me luck in the career world. Yes, I have graduated..and it's whole new road ahead of me. The fourh day of CNY marks my first day at work in KCh. Yess...4th day of CNY!!!! I hate it as everyone else is still visiting, gambling away n having fun while i have to wake up early. Today's my second and the only thing that makes me really hapyis when the clock strucks 5!! woohhoooo!! i know..i sounded like a spoilt brat. *still trying to get use...*

ZZzzzz...nearly fall asleep so many times today!! hOpe the coffee during lunch works. Tick tock tick tock...5 o'clock pls come faster!! ;)

PS: hello..how r u doin? I thought i didnt see u for a while.

till then

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